Episode 101: Things to remember as a leader at Conference

January 30, 2018

It’s different for a leader attending Conference than a newbie! Here are a couple things to think about as we head to Tampa this week and spend time as a family of 20,000 strong!!  


Episode 100: What does God have next?

January 29, 2018

Can’t believe we are here! We have learned so much leadership together in the last year! As we enter into this next chapter, let’s see what God has said is the future of Qualled, and maybe it will inspire you to feel the fear and do it anyway, too! 


Episode 99: {Dreaming Series} Why it’s time to make All Things New

January 1, 2018

Do you remember the excitement and fire that comes along with something being "new" - new furniture, a new opportunity, a new relationship? Here's how to find that feeling again as a leader, and also why I feel God is asking this of us in our businesses. 


Episode 98: {Dreaming Series}: What brings you Joy?

December 30, 2017

We are taking a different approach this year on our team, as leaders and also in the way we lead. We've decided to lead everyone to have it all, instead of leading them to burn out and destruction, which can happen so easily as an entrepreneur. It starts with us figuring out what brings us joy, and then doing things that bring us joy each week.... and translating this into building our business THROUGH things that bring us joy. Here's why we are switching things up, and why you may want to consider it for your team too!


Episode 97: {Dreaming Series} Why “Beyond a Billion” should be on every leader’s goal list

December 27, 2017

Mark's goal of Beyond a Billion - it's not just a company goal, it's a goal for each one of us leaders. Let's talk about why, and also have the once-a-year chat with our teams that's needed every first quarter.


Episode 96: {Dreaming Series} I want to be a Joshua Leader

December 24, 2017

When I read chapter 1 of Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick, I realized he was putting into words who I wanted to be, and who we all need to be, to inspire our teams and lead them to the Promised Land (their goals for their family). Let’s talk today about what a Joshua leader is, and how we can work to become that for those watching us.


Episode 95: {Dreaming Series} Vision Casting

December 21, 2017

What is it? Why is this term and understanding it so important? How do we do it for our teams? Learn today how to have vision (different from A vision!) and cast vision, so your team can see what’s possible this year.


Episode 94: {Dreaming Series} The science behind your ability to dream

December 18, 2017

Yes, it’s science at work when you are able to create, imagine, visualize and dream. Which means it’s also science and physical things happening when you feel stuck, fear, or cannot seem to dream. Let’a talk today about what is happening and how you can take control of your ability to dream!


Episode 93: {Dreaming Series} How to dream again

December 15, 2017

It’s that time of year. You knew it was coming, and maybe you’ve been dreading it. I’ve talked to several people recently that have been through a rough season in life, health, business or personal and feel like they just can’t dream anymore. They don’t know what to dream for, or even how to dream... or they’re afraid to dream again. There’s a reason for that! And, more importantly, we can fix it. Let’s learn together why you are experiencing this and how to start dreaming again, today.


Episode 92: How did I mess this up?

November 6, 2017

You prayed, you thought, you might have even asked your wise counsel that we talked about last week. You were confident this is where God was leading and what He had in store. Then it went sideways. Did we miss God? Did we mess this up somehow? Probably not. Let’s look at this today through the story of Jesus choosing his 12 disciples, including Judas, who would eventually betray Him. And what it means for us.